Lease Management

The Lease Management approach is comprised of four essential functions:

  • Formalizing the landlord/tenant relationship in a proper lease
  • Managing and updating lease data, tracking lease critical dates, options etc. (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Monitoring and enforcing landlord/tenant performance against lease commitments
  • Determining budgeting and forecasting revenues, occupancy costs and financial obligations, as well as tracking and making timely payment/receipt of rent

We leverage our expertise in dealing with similar type property issues and often common landlords/tenants amongst our different client groups to produce the best outcome for our client. Our Property Management groups work closely with our Lease Management team to ensure landlord compliance with the lease. We provide desk top and forensic lease audit services of landlord overcharges identifying where landlords may be overcharging the tenant for operating costs and realty taxes. Additionally, our lease administration team manages leases in both English and French.