Property Tax & Appraisal

Our team, regionally located in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, has the expertise to provide property tax and assessment valuation management for office, retail, industrial and other special purpose space. This group of professionals ensures that clients are being treated equitably under the property tax and assessment system through the preparation of property tax assessment appeals, negotiations with area assessment officials, and appearances before assessment appeal tribunals, if required.

The team remains current and up to date with federal, provincial and municipal legislation, and is proactive in interpreting its impact upon the client’s properties as it affects their assessments and tax payments. There is a key focus on customer service by providing regular status reports, annual budgets, forecasts, and cash flow allocations to facilitate long and short term financing and strategic planning.

As industry leaders in valuation and appraisal services, our team includes accredited appraisers and certified management professionals, and places Arcturus at the forefront of the industry.  Drawing on one of the most powerful resource databases in the real estate industry, combined with access to the most current and comprehensive market data through our leading appraisal, brokerage and real estate management operations, further strengthens our capabilities. Valuation services are provided to a broad base of asset classes for a variety of purposes.