Property Management

With an established track record of managing office, retail and industrial properties nationally, the Arcturus Property Management group works to increase long term value while operating within our clients' financial targets. Property Management works within a structured framework to ensure our clients' strategies succeed.

Arcturus provides third-party property management services on a national basis through a unique structure that ensures accountability for service delivery in each regional market.  This structure allows Arcturus to function with agility and local knowledge at the senior level while maintaining the benefits of standardized, central systems and reporting.

Our management team is dedicated to enhancing revenues and reducing operating costs while maintaining the highest standards of service levels.  Core service capabilities include: Financial Accounting and Reporting, Tactical implementation of asset strategies, Building Operations and Preventative Maintenance, Technical Services, Security, Health and Life Safety, Tenant Relations Retention Programs and Strategic Procurement and Vendor Management.

Our commitment is to provide a team of professionals who understand the climate in which they operate and who are committed to containing and/or reducing costs, while maintaining or enhancing the service levels. By providing best-in-class services and programs we cultivate tenant loyalty and drive improved top line revenue through management initiatives.