Asset Management

Client planning, advisory and strategic services are delivered through the Asset Management team. This highly qualified and experienced group of real estate professionals is accountable for the overall performance of assets under management.  Structured to act as the liaison between our clients and internal management teams, Asset Management's role is designed to oversee the implementation of approved client strategies while ensuring maximum asset/portfolio performance. The Asset Management team ensures continuity of service and a client focused service delivery model.

When providing tailored Asset Management services for our clients, Arcturus integrates all aspects of real estate management ensuring a strategic and analytical perspective focused on achieving the client's desired investment returns.

Arcturus understands the importance of accurate analysis and valuation recommendations, and we are proud to have invested in the industry’s leading asset /portfolio management software.  ARGUS Enterprise provides our team with the ability to easily and succinctly consolidate a client's ARGUS Valuation - DCF files into a common database and allows Arcturus to perform sophisticated analysis, sensitivity and reporting related to any portfolio.

Providing our clients with the industry leading information from which they can in turn report to their stakeholders is foundation for our Asset Management Team.